A Celebration on a Chassis

Meet Your Women in Boozeness

Meet Holly Atkins and Nicole Romano, your trusted “Women in Boozeness,” and the proud owners of a Hudson Valley-based dream: The Hudson Sidecar Co. Together, we have served as the trusted forefront of the Mid-Hudson hospitality industry for a combined twenty-two years. We marry today’s culinary innovation and modern mixology with yesterday’s hospitality values and the allure to defy and party.

The Hudson Sidecar Co. is a celebration on a chassis, honoring our great state’s filthy rich Prohibition history. As we emerge from a “Social Prohibition,” so to say, in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, we believe that we are honoring our forefathers’ “persistence to party” by uniting family and friends once again over our bar tops. Step into your inner Jay Gatsby, we’ll do the rest.

Discover Our Packages

The Hudson Sidecar Co. handcrafts the details of each client’s event as we would a revered, classic sidecar cocktail. We blend ingredients sourced locally from the Hudson Valley, dispense two decades of experience-based proficiency, infuse a dallop of customer trust, and shake up, not stir, our guests’ imagination through a tantalizing spectacle, from set up to break down. Be our guest and revel in the poetry in motion that comes standard with each booked event.

The cost calculation is simple: pick your rig, state your guest count, and select your package.  Please note this estimated cost does not reflect tax or gratuity.

Sunday Kind of Love

This package is “more than love at first sight.” It is the perfect protocol for Sunday brunch celebrations. Your selection of four  juices, purees, syrups, and accompanying garnishes will yield the perfect mimosa, or in some cases, “MOM-osa.” This package’s decadence will be a “love to last past Saturday night.” $4/guest.

The 2-1-1 Club

Honoring Frank Sinatra’s favorite Manhattan hangout, The 21 Club, The 2-1-1 Club allows you the choice of 4 (2+1+1) separate offerings in the arenas of prosecco, wine, sangria, and beer!  This package is accompanied by an all-inclusive mixer package to compliment your selection of 9 liquors and liqueurs.  Come fly with {us}, lets fly, lets fly away. $5/guest.

Casa Blanca

Your handpicked choice of two of our illustrious sangrias will be sure to elate your guests. Not to worry, although the late Larry Fay’s “Casa Blanca” translates to “White House” in English, we also offer lovingly curated reds. $5/guest.

The Chumley

Built upon your custom referral, The Chumley pays homage to its 1920’s New York predecessor, offering you the ultimate package, atop of the all-inclusive mixer package (per selection of 9 liquors/liqueurs). Your selection of two beers, three wines, and two handcrafted specialty cocktails will leave you feeling chummy. $7/guest.


While you may certainly elect to serve classic cocktails, including traditionally prepared margaritas, mojitos, old fashions, sours, and spritzes, we encourage you to consider our four-season handcrafted offerings.  We also happily welcome the opportunity to work with you to create your own, unique handcrafted signature cocktail(s).  We invite you to review a small sampling of our lovingly curated libations.


  • Aperol
  • strawberry pink peppercorn syrup
  • rose water bitters
  • sparkling Rosé
  • soda water


  • Ol’ Major Bacon Bourbon
  • rosemary maple syrup
  • bitters
  • cinnamon-salt-sugar rim

Watermelon Mint Sangria

  • Rosé-blended
  • Watermelon
  • Mint


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