What is the advantage of having a mobile bar service at my gathering?

Simply put, there is just something so deserving and A-list feeling about a professional being present to serve your guests. Afford them this simple luxury and pamper your guests.

The bar often serves as the main focal point and gathering site of any event. Therefore, regardless of your event type, may it be a company launch party or a wedding, our staged set-up provides a prominent landing-site for an extension of your branding and/or theme. Another fantastic, yet overlooked benefit of a physical mobile bar, is that it frequently serves as a neutral meeting ground for unaccompanied guests or guests who are slower to mingle with the crowd. Bartenders are proficient in introducing guests and creating a cohesive and equal atmosphere. Afterall, the ultimate goal of the host is to create an atmosphere in which all guests feel comfortable, respected, and welcomed.

The devil is in the details. The beauty of a mobile bar service is that it alleviates the host of the miniscule, often overlooked details that all add up to the big picture. By hiring a mobile bar service, you are hiring professionals who have a trained eye for spotting gaps in service. These gaps in service could include unaddressed dietary restrictions. Other gaps may present themselves in a gravely flawed estimate of how much liquor to purchase for the event. Aside from spotting gaps in service, mobile bar professionals will flood you with an astronomical inventory of inspiration, enthusiasm, and knowledge.

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